Windows X5 Configuration

X5 speeds up your Internet experience, by up to five times, using your existing dialup phone line and modem. You do not require any extra equipment. X5 allows you to surf at near DSL speed, making X5 the high-speed Internet solution with the convenience of dial-up. It is easy to install, runs seamlessly and doesn't alter any of your existing software.

Once you have signed up for the X5 service, you can download the software from the link below and begin the simple installation process.


The X5 service works with any modem and phone line. There is no special hardware needed. As long as your computer meets these standard requirements, you are eligible for X5:


Connection Dialup Internet Connection 
Internet Browser IE 5+, Netscape Navigator 4.7+ or Safari 1.0+.
(Chrome and other browsers require additional proxy configuration.) 
Windows OS Pentium PC 200MHz or better with Windows 98, ME, 2000, or XP
Available Disk Space 6 MB
System Memory (RAM) 128 MB of RAM recommended 

Click here to download X5 TCQ Web Accelerator for Windows (Size 2.67MB)

Click 'Save' to save this file to your hard disk. 

Double-click on the icon to begin the setup program.

The Wise Installation software will open and begin installing the WebRunner accelerator.

The first screen of the install will give you a brief overview of WebRunner and how the installation will work. Click Next to continue...

This screen will display the end-user license agreement. You must click the checkbox to agree to the terms before clicking Next to continue. If you do not agree to the terms of the agreement, you will be unable to install the WebRunner acceleration software.

The Wise installer will give you a choice of where you would like the files stored. It is recommended that you leave this the way it is and click Next to continue.

The WebRunner files are now installing.

After the files are installed, click Finish to complete the setup.

A dialogue box will popup and ask for your username and password to access WebRunner. If you are upgrading, simply review the information and click OK. If this is a new install, enter your dialup username and password in this box. Click OK to continue.

By right clicking on the system tray icon, you will see the WebRunner menu options.

If you mouse over Help, the Diagnostics and About options will display.

By clicking about, a box will display with the information about the installed version of WebRunner.

The diagnostics window will run a series of helpful diagnostics for troubleshooting purposes.

The newest version of WebRunner adds a new Statistics screen with a graphic chart display to help visualize the actual speed increase.

The performance window is a great option to help in tracking performance while using the WebRunner accelerator.

The built in popup blocker adds many new features. This window will allow you to disable the popup blocker, block floating flash ads and/or enable the system to beep when a popup is blocked.

The whitelist will allow popups on specified web pages.

The log will list blocked popups and the site that they came from.

The updated WebRunner setup offers the same slide interface to increase or decrease the acceleration to compression ratio.

The connection window displays your logon information for WebRunner.

The advanced button will display this popup which contains the server information for WebRunner.

The features menu will display some of the newest acceleration features to WebRunner. From here you can enable or disable flash compression and/or advertisements and email acceleration.

The proxy exclusion list will allow you to disable acceleration on certain sites.

The update window will display your current version of WebRunner. If there is a newer version, the Update Now button would be functional to download the latest version.