Windows Vista Dial-Up Configuration

To create a new Dial-Up Connection in Windows Vista, follow the steps below:

Click on Start and select the Control Panel  



Click on Classic View if it's available and then d ouble-click  on Network and Sharing Center.


Click on Set up a connection or network


Select Set up a dial-up connection then click on Next  

In this window enter in the following; In the Dial-up phone number field, type in your local dial-up number. In the User name field, type your TCQ email. In the Password field, type the password for the TCQ user name
you specified.
In the Connection name field, type in a name you wish to give your

If you get this window, you have successfully connected to the Internet.
Click on Close

If this window did not appear either the username/password was entered
incorrectly or there is something wrong with the connection to the Internet.


Click on Home.  If a Security window appears, click to continue. 

Click Close.