Mac OS X Dial-Up Configuration

To configure Mac OS X, click Apple menu, choose System Preferences and choose Network.

Select the TCP/IP tab. Set the Configure pop-up menu to Using PPP.

Click the PPP tab.

In the Service Provider: field, type TCQ Internet

In the Telephone Number field, enter the Dial-Up access number found in the Call Finder for your area, including area code.

In the field labeled 'Account Name', enter: username@tcq.net

(Replace 'username' with your assigned username)

Enter your assigned password in the Password field.

Click Save.

To connect to the Internet, open Applications -> Internet Connect, and click the Connect button (or open an application that requires an internet connection, such as Internet Explorer). This will open the PPP dialer. Verify the telephone number, username and password and click Connect.

To disconnect, Open the Internet Connect utility.

Click the Disconnect button. This will disconnect your modem.