Nationwide Unlimited Dial-Up Features and Pricing

Our nationwide unlimited dial-up plans are great for people living anywhere in the 50 states or those who frequently travel and need access from thousands of cities all over the United States.  We offer two dial-up plans, our standard 56K plan and our X5 accelerated 56K dial-up plan that allows you to surf the web up to 5X faster than a normal 56K connection.

Our Dial-up services are provisioned with the highest quality telecommunication circuits and this enables us to offer you the capability of using 56K or ISDN on most local numbers at the same low price.

Our 56K Dial-Up services include an @tcq.net e-mail account powered by Google Apps, knowledgeable technical support that is available 24 hours per day/7 days per week, online account management, customer referral program and as always -- no setup fees!

 Nationwide Dial-Up 56K Dial-Up X5 Dial-Up*
 Pricing Annually $10.95/month ($131.40) $15.95/month ($191.40)
  Quarterly $12.95/month ($38.85) $17.95/month ($53.85)
  Monthly $13.95/month $18.95/month
 Availability Click here to find a local number Click here to find a local number
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* The X5 service must be used with the Web Accelerator software. Please see our Support page for more information.

Add $2 if paying by check.