Broadband DSL Features and Pricing

The tremendous speed that you have been reading and hearing about is here with our Broadband DSL service. Choose the speed and price that best fits your needs and budget. Our 7M DSL Platinum is available for a total of just $51.95 per month! Or choose our very affordable DSL Silver service with speeds of 1.5M for as low as $44.95 per month. These are NOT promotional prices that increase after a few months of service.

DSL Speed Comparison Graph

Our Broadband DSL services include an @tcq.net e-mail account powered by Google Apps, knowledgeable technical support that is available 24 hours per day/7 days per week, online account management, customer referral program and as always -- no setup fees!

In order to use DSL services, you must also subscribe to DSL service from CenturyLink at an additional charge. With our affordable prices, DSL is a great high-speed solution at a price (including the separate CenturyLink charges) that beats cable modem or satellite service offerings.

 Broadband DSL   DSL* DSL Silver DSL Platinum
 TCQ portion Annually $10.95/month ($131.40) $12.95/month ($155.40) $13.95/month($167.40)
Quarterly $12.95/month ($38.85) $14.95/month ($44.85) $15.95/month ($47.85)
 Monthly $13.95/month $15.95/month $16.95/month
 CenturyLink portion  Monthly $15.00/month $28.00/month $38.00/month
 Speeds to 256K down/256K up 1.5M down/896K up 3M to 7M down/896K up
 Availability CenturyLink service area CenturyLink service area CenturyLink service area
 Online Sign Up Sign Up Now Sign Up Now Sign Up Now

* TCQ Internet and CenturyLink still support existing 256K DSL subscribers.  However, as CenturyLink completes their cabling upgrade program, 256K DSL is no longer available to new subscribers in most areas.

Add $2 if paying by check.