Re-configure An Existing Mac Mail 2 E-mail Account

First open the Mail application. The Mail application can be found in your Applications folder or by default in the Dock (the bar at the bottom of your screen.) 


Click on the Mail menu and select Preferences.


Select Accounts if it is not already selected.

Under the Accounts window, select your existing TCQ Internet account (it may not be called TCQ Internet) and edit the settings as shown below. 

Account Type should be set to POP .

Set the Description to the name by which you'd like to refer to this account, for example TCQ Internet .

Type in your email address (your_address@tcq.net) in the Email Address field.

Type in your name in the Full Name field.

 In the Incoming Mail Server box, type: pop.gmail.com

In the User Name box, enter in your e-mail address (your_address@tcq.net)

Type in your password in the Password field.


To set up the Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP), click on the Server Settings... button.

In the SMTP Server Options window complete the following settings.

In the Outgoing Mail Server box, type: smtp.gmail.com

Click on the checkbox next to Use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) to enable it. Change the Server port to 465.

For Authentication, select Password.

Enter your e-mail address (your_address@tcq.net) and password for the User Name and Password fields. Click OK.


Click on the Advanced tab.

Add a checkmark beside Use SSL and it should automatically change the Port to 995.

Ensure Password is selected from the Authentication pull-down menu.



Mail is now set up and you may exit from the preferences window by clicking on the red circle on the top left hand corner of the Accounts window. You may be asked to save your settings in a prompt as shown below. Click on Save.


You may now use your TCQ Internet e-mail service.